Faraetaildreams Art

Here in the studio I am always working on something. 

Here are some of the projects I am working on. 

Click on the name at left to be taken to their individual pages for more information on each project. 

Projects Already In Works
Planned/Future Projects/"Want-To-Do's"
  • Halloween Stablemates
  • Classic Warmblood (Still NIB) CM'd To Paso Fino Exhibiting "Classic Fino Gait"
  • "Stud Spider" Needs Mane and Tail, Paint
  • Stablemate "4-Up" Hitch Using 4 Running Thoroughbreds that will all be slightly CM'd to be similar, but in different positions.
  • Using Breyer molds to re-create certain "Bella Sara" fantasy horses - this is mostly for my daughter's future collection.
  • Wixom Repaint

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