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Services Offered 

Prep work consists of seam removal, flash removal, "5th leg" on raw castings, sanding, pin holes, and smoothing out any rough spots on the surface of the horse. Minor repairs such as a broken ear tip are included in the price.

There is no limit to how many models one person can send me. I accept models shipped internationally. I will ship the horse to the finish artist once I am finished with it. 

Shipping costs to and from me will be the responsibility of the owner.

Models taken on by prior approval only. Please contact me directly for individual evaluation of your model. However, this means all you need to do is simply tell me what models you have, and what you want done. 

Prices are listed to the right.

Commission jobs will be done in the following order: 

Paid jobs will take priority and will be done first. 

Non-paid/free prep work jobs will be completed as time allows, in the order that they were received at my house. 

I keep Excel records as to what models are with me, what needs to be done on what model, who they belong to, pictures of the model (upon arrival, during work, and upon completion), when they were received, and any other notes for my own personal use.

Online Special: Any member of Jaime Baker's Yahoo Group receives a 10% discount on all services.

 (Amber CM in progress. Picture copyright Faraetaildreams 2010.)

Prepping Prices

TRAD or Equivalent Size - $45.00

Classic or Equivalent Size - $35.00

Stablemate/Equivalent or Smaller - $25.00

Seam removal, smoothing or sanding of all surfaces, pinholes repaired, other flaws fixed, hooves, ears, and nostrils drilled if requested, etc. Grey primer will be used unless otherwise requested. NO Customization, moving of parts, cutting, etc will be done for these prices. 

Custom Work Prices

Major/Drastic Customizing - Starting at $50*** 
This consists of any work that would require a major repositioning of one or more legs, complete removal and re-sculpt of a mane, tail, or head/neck. Adding any fantasy parts such as wings or a horn, for example. 

Minor Customizing - Starting at $10***
This consists of any work that would require a slight repositioning of one or more legs, an ear reposition, a neck reposition, etc. One or two small body parts moved and not completely removed. 

***Please note that these prices are STARTING prices and your individual cost might be somewhere in between or higher than what is listed here. 

Payment Policies and Shipping
Shipping Policies: The model owner is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs associated with shipping. I require shipping insurance on any model being sent to me no matter shipping carrier is used. 

I accept commissions from international customers as well as US clients. 

Payment Policies: I require 50% of the total quoted price on a non-refundable deposit paid up-front before the horse is worked on. This allows room for adjustment on the price for any unexpected costs, difficulties, or even if the job was not as much as originally expected. The remainder of the balance must be paid in full before the horse leaves my house. I will send a total of 3 invoices (1 when work is completed, and then every 2 weeks after) for the remainder of the balance. If the balance is not paid in full by 2 weeks after the last invoice is sent, I will then take legal possession of the horse, and I then retain all finishing and reselling rights to the horse to regain any lost costs. I feel that this 6 week time frame to pay the balance off in full is more than reasonable and allows anyone to come up with the funds to pay.

Please remember the quoted price is just that - a quote. Just like when a car is repaired, or work is done in our homes, often things come up that are unforeseen or unexpected. I will never overcharge for my work, and I guarantee that all prices will be reasonable and within the 'hobby standards'.

I accept PayPal and International Money Orders ONLY for payment. Through PayPal you may use your debit or credit card if you wish. 

Any other questions I have not addressed here? Please feel free to email them to me.

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